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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Deborah Day.
Be Happy Now!

Many times, we are in a vicious cycle of inflicting self-harm without even being aware of it. Xlibris author Deborah Day, M.A., shares possible ways to put an end to this habit and achieve happiness in her self-help book, Be Happy Now! By reading Day’s insightful words, readers can rebuild their foundations for reaching happiness and attaining a much more positive state of mental health.

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Author Videos

Proactive and Positive

Deborah Day is a self-help expert and counselor, and also the author of Be Happy Now! Her book discusses becoming more proactive, or as she puts it, becoming “the active director of your life.” In Be Happy Now!, we see Day’s hands-on experience with counseling and psychology really shine through, as she talks about empowerment, growth and personal wellness. In a clear and concise manner, the book provides excellent tools for individuals to excel and reach their highest potential.

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Featured Service

Featured Service

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