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Angels Of Life Have Come To Me

  • Also available as: E-Book, Casebound Hardcover
  • Published: July 2010
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)
  • Pages: 36
  • Size: 8.5x11
  • ISBN: 9781453508329

“ANGELS OF LIFE HAVE COME TO ME” This book is a collection of poems reflecting the poet’s experiences of life’s seen and unseen – touching upon faith and hope. Carol Coles touched the unseen when “Angel On My Knee” flitted for a moment in the poet’s minds eye and spoke to a longing for “freedom’s harmony.” She expresses a deep love that laid the foundation for her poem “Our Family Strength” born out of living poor in ghetto conditions – but not ghetto thinking. Her strong family’s spirit, supporting each other and laying “the foundation is never broken…”. “Angels of Life Have Come To Me” moves from family to an invitation and observation in “Walk With Me” because we humans rush about and do not “see the sun” when we should “talk of life’s new day” with family, friends, or a stranger we pass along the way. I feel we should “live for days to come on wishful hope”. When we change our thinking, we would be “renewed in love” and be strengthened in faith. “Angels of Life Have Come To Me” reveals the poets thoughts when observing people in “a Big City” – walking alone “people with plastic faces” rushing about with meaningless causes” and how many times we read in the news or see on the internet another one has “rushed through life’s door…. Only to miss this life’s heavenly view. In “Angels of Life….” The poet moves through various steps of self reflections of nature observations, mentors, the season changing, Angel encounters seen and unseen. Finally observing the stairway that all humans young and old must inevitably go and find “ultimate joy, the new freedom in the promise …”. May this promise be long in coming by living each moment with joy in life’s angels.

Angels of Life have Come to Me
A book of poems by Carol Coles
Review by Conway Jones

Carol Coles speaks with an angel’s voice in her new book of poems, Angels of Life have Come to Me. Her book is one of inspiration and joy, written by her with the hope that maybe someone would read one of the reflections and find renewed faith, hope and joy for their future. Her motivation for the book came from an unseen presence in her life of despair, loneliness, job stress and financial difficulties. Throughout all of this, she remained strong in faith that she would survive. She never gave up hope. She conveys this quite eloquently in her writings.

Carol Coles' book of poems epitomizes the depths of struggles, challenges, tears and joy of growing up in America as an African-American woman. Her life angels, as seen through her eyes, have given her the strength to overcome, rise up and touch the light that all of us search for in our daily lives.

This unique collection of poems contains self reflections and observations, comments on the changing of seasons, and reveals a staircase that all of us must climb in order to find the ultimate joy, the ‘new freedom’ that comes to us when we live each moment with life’s angels.

Her poem, Angel on my Knee, declares, “I dreamed I talked to an angel who sat upon my knee, and every word she whispered was meant to set me free.”

Angels of Life have Come to Me is a wonderful experience and a ‘must read.’ You can learn more about Carol Coles on her web site, http://colesblessedangels.com

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