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One Cosmic Day

An AstroMemoir
  • Published: August 2016
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 120
  • ISBN: 9781503567245

One cosmic day equals 72 years, the time it takes the Self to develop an ego and then to sever bonds with it. This memoir focuses on the first 54 years in the life of the author who kept journals and wrote stories for more than three decades.

One Cosmic Day is based on the principles of Astrological Psychology which views the astrological chart as a blueprint of an individual's consciousness. Its Age Point Progression technique traces the development of an individual's consciousness – from childhood to adulthood – through its encounter with ten planetary energies.

The author's Sun, symbol of one's mental ego, prefers to operate far from the madding crowd, in the inner chambers of Neptune's palace. Her Moon, her emotional ego, has been stung by a scorpion so often, that she is now more mindful of illusions. Saturn, the Great Teacher, taught her what she needed to learn in relationships: that lust is not love. Of course she never got married. How could she when the Uranus energy in her demanded freedom from family and community? Throughout her life Jupiter has expanded her mind through higher learning and travel. Mercury is what took her out of academia into the world of advertising where the flightiness of communication was soon opposed by demanding Pluto, leaving her with one question: What due does she have to pay humanity? Mars is the blacksmith in her that has renovated many houses. (But then, her surname is Smith, so perhaps she is married after all – to the man in her.) In her consciousness, Mars is hand in hand with Venus who is not only a guardian of aesthetics, but also a fiercely independent woman.

One could say One Cosmic Day is an AstroMemoir not written by the author, but penned by the planets.

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