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A Shining City

America at a Crossroads
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A Shining City on a Hill is a vision of God's will for Good, Just, and Righteous government done in Wisdom for the Common Good. This is not a Liberal or utopian vision for government but rather a practical, moral one based on the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God of the Judeo-Christian worldview of Thomas Jefferson and the American founders, and this worldview creates "Liberty and Justice for all." Unfortunately, today's Democrats openly embrace a statism and Social Justice that are, in fact, the opposite of traditional "Liberty and Justice for all." Mitchell argues that America is at a crossroads in history, and we must choose between the classical Justice of the founders or the Social Justice of today's Liberals and Democrats, and this means the key to Republican victories now and into the future is choosing the classical "Liberty and Justice for all" of A Shining City on a Hill. 

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