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Take Control of Your Writing and Publishing Journey — Publish with the Experts Now

You may be the author of your own life story, but some circumstances are beyond your control.

With Xlibris, however, you can take control of your writing and publishing dreams. With solid experience in the supported self-publishing industry since 1997, Xlibris has the expertise to help you become an author no matter what your story is.

Learn how you can become a published author by downloading this free publishing guide. This guide will show you:

  • What goals you must set before you self-publish
  • Why you should self-publish now
  • Why choose Xlibris over other publishing companies
  • Why and how some Xlibris authors walked the self-publishing path
  • Which of Xlibris’ wide array of self-publishing and marketing packages suits you best

Why choose Xlibris

Since 1997, we’ve been helping thousands of writers per year become published authors, with many returning to publish their second and even third books. We’re right by your side to help turn your hard-earned manuscript into a published book.

Our team of professional and personable staff will be there to give you support at every stage of the publishing process. With our state-of-the-art systems, processes, technologies, and experience, you can be confident that your work is in safe hands.

From day one, our abiding principle has been that authors should have control over their work. This principle of author autonomy means you retain the rights to your book and that you can self-publish your book with our support today and still be able to offer your work to publishers and agents in the future.