Xlibris Marketing Services

Regardless of what type of book you have written, if you want your book to sell, a marketing plan is a must. There is no right or wrong way to market your book; each manuscript requires a different tactic to optimize your book's sales potential. Xlibris' Marketing Department acts as your personal marketing firm, running campaigns on your behalf in order to foster interest, awareness, and ultimately book sales.

Planning is essential to the success of your book. With so many alternatives available, a clearly laid out marketing plan is the best way to maximize your efforts. It is your compass for a productive book-selling campaign and a requirement for sales success.

Call 1-888-795-4274, ask to speak with your personal marketing consultant, and let them help you decide which is the best marketing approach for you and your book.

Publicity Marketing

Catch readers’ attention through the powerful reach and scope of the media.

Internet-based Marketing

Utilize one of the most dynamic marketing platforms today—the Internet.

Printed Materials

Promote your book using handy printed materials like bookmarks, postcards, business cards, and posters.

Print Advertising

Advertise your book in distinguished and established print publications.

Book Reviews

A credible book review is critical for any book’s success. Get your work evaluated by well-respected industry professionals.

Online Video Advertising

Create marketing fanfare for your book through an entertaining marketing platform—video.

Audio Marketing

Harness the power of the airwaves to promote your book.


Display your book in physical and digital exhibits here and around the world.

Genre Marketing

Put your book in front of your intended readers.

TV Advertising

Advertise your book through the most accessible and proven marketing platform, TV.

Hollywood Book-to-Screen

Give your book a shot at Tinseltown by promoting it to movie agents, producers, and directors.

Pre-Live Marketing

Drum up excitement for your book even before it becomes available for purchase.

New Media

Release your title as a DIY audiobook or ReadPlay app or reach more readers by advertising in the Reader’s Digest iPad Edition!