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Press Release Essential 100


A compelling way to create media awareness and gain media exposure.

The most effective and accepted means to achieving media exposure is through a press release. Press releases are succinct and informative articles sent to media personnel that reveal a newsworthy story. Members of the media rely upon the press releases that cross their desks every day to fill out every column inch and every broadcast second.

A well-written and well-timed press release will motivate members of the press to cover your story, affording you the opportunity to reach hundreds, if not thousands of potential readers. And when this audience takes an interest in your story, they will act on their desire to learn more and purchase your book.

The Xlibris Press Release Campaign will create an original and compelling press release that will command media attention. Our professional copywriters are well versed in the journalistic style and tone necessary to achieve results. We will generate a unique list of media who are likely to respond to your press release’s message. When your release goes out, we will act as the primary media contact, forwarding interview requests to you and fulfilling review copy orders at no charge to you or the media.

Marketing Press Release

 The Xlibris Press Release Campaign enables you to:

  • Generate media awareness or “buzz”
  • Gain media coverage or interviews
  • Connect with readers in a more meaningful way
  • Further your overall publicity strategy

Start your campaign today, email marketing.consultants@xlibris.com or call 1-888-795-4274.


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