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The Gerfnit Chronicles

"The Gerfnit Chronicles is wonderful! ... kids would love it.  The premise of this book is unique and of great interest to kids.  The manuscript is really well written."

- Alice Flanagan, Flanagan Publishing Services

"Mike Pickard´s style of writing reminds me both of Heinlein and early Phillip Dick.  Unlike some science fiction books, the appendices were extremely helpful."

- Wayne Allen Sallee, author

The Frobs were merely curious about the inhabitants of the third planet orbiting around a distant sun.  The natives were rumored to have unique attributes that the Frobzbians wanted to understand.  

At least, that´s the way the mission started.  

But when Gerfnit the mission specialist, surgically altered to look like an Earthling child, decided it wanted to make a return visit after an enjoyable summer at camp, Earth suddenly drew the attention of several other planets and species, not all with friendly intentions. Now, both the planet Earth and Gerfnit were in grave danger as the visitor from Frobzb went from being camper and data collector to Earth´s self-appointed protector.

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