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Father Damien’s Revenge

  • Also available as: E-Book, Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Published: April 2014
  • Format: Dust Jacket Hardcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 222
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781499003246

The fourth book in the series Father Damien’s War is Father Damien’s Revenge that follows The Dark Society. This book continues the life of Father Damien in Florence, Italy, after the conclusion of World War II. Father Damien resigns from his position with the church after learning about the Vatican’s involvement in the escape of war criminals through the rat lines established by Bishop Alois Hudal. Bishop Hudal had aided these war refugees in the acquisition of Red Cross Passports to foreign countries, including Argentina. John Damien goes undercover at the request of Robert Mudd, U S Army Counter Intelligence agent, in partnership with Rodolfo Siviero, secret agent of the Servizio Informazioni Militare headquartered in Florence, Italy. Alcide De Gasperi, President of the Council of Ministers, expands Rodolfo’s post-war involvement in the government by appointing him as Minister Plenipotentiary. Father Damien’s involvement in the investigation at the Vatican College leads to a brutal beating at the direction of Bishop Hudal. Father Damien is determined to expose their operation and take out his revenge on all that support Bishop Hudal. Rodolfo’s recent marriage and honeymoon provides an opening for planning their attack on the college and expose the war criminals in hiding. Robert Mudd and his men stand ready to arrest those who are exposed by covert actions conducted by Father Damien’s team. The plan and the operation are sanctioned by Lynda Alderman, second in command at the Florence headquarters. The team includes his list of associates Sgt. Wayne Fritzmeyer and Corp. Glen Rothgeb, and Sgt. Derrick Hodge and Corp. Charles Walker. The primary purpose of the mission is to expose and capture war criminals, and secondly, to locate and recover stolen art. John Damien, as a member of the Ministry Plenipotentiary, desires to expand their role of recovering looted art and artifacts to bringing war criminals to justice. His associates proclaim his intentions as Father Damien’s War.

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