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Democracy’s Hypocrisies

Revelations of Society’s Incremental Erosions on Democracy
  • Also available as: E-Book, Dust Jacket Hardcover
  • Published: June 2014
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 160
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781499026023

Democracy’s Hypocrisies My gravitas to write Democracy’s Hypocrisies emanated in part from President Obama’s utter adversities since procurement of the office of commander in chief, but largely due to desperate attempts by a small segment of society to displace the power of the people’s vote with that of their positions of enormous wealth. Numerous social issues are addressed, with the intent to uncover the hypocrisies, which have eroded traditional Democracy as we know it. Hopefully, the reader will, upon completion of this book, find the revelations both informative and enlightening. In my view, it would appear that for the entire duration of his tenure in the White House, this president has been faced with the daunting task of swimming upstream in his attempts to pass anything through congress. Additionally, he has endured more dishonor, disrespect, and caricature in his capacity as president of the United States than anyone else in the history of American presidents. No other president before Mr. Obama has sustained such ridicule while holding the most powerful and noble office in the entire universe. Nonetheless, he has demonstrated exemplary qualities in the manner in which he has maintained his dignity by remaining impervious to such acrimony clearly intended to detract him away from his agenda. There are manifestations of attempts by a small segment of society to shift the power from the people’s vote to the omnipotence of their millions. Last elections saw the most money infused into campaign funds of a few candidates on both sides of the aisle—but more on the Republican end of the spectrum. More importantly, in the wake of the 2012 elections, a number of states have vamped up their efforts to disenfranchise minorities through voter suppression, allegations of voter fraud, as well as gerrymandering. This is in direct contradiction to traditional democracy, whose very fundamental principle is “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” Furthermore, with the recent passage of the legislation by the Supreme Court, allowing donors to endow as much as they deem necessary to their representatives—with no obligation to divulge their sources, one can only imagine how much money will be thrown into the bag in 2016. This is total hypocrisy—given that the vote should carry more weight than the dollar in a democratic society. Clearly, there have been significant erosions to traditional democracy as we know it. It is therefore my hope that power be restored back to the people through their fundamental right to vote, thus allowing them the ability to determine who is elected to public office, rather than a handful of wealthy individuals.

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