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The Windkeeper

Book 1 in the Eld Creatures Series

Hidden away in a small town in the kingdom of Norbane, Morgan’s existence is kept secret from those who would do anything to find her. Even she doesn't know who she is. When a royal air mage named Roden comes into her town looking for her, she is suddenly thrust into a destiny she did not choose. He tells her she is a windkeeper, a mage whose powers are intimately linked to magical creatures called marlens. The marlens have been hiding for so long that most people think they don't exist. However, they are the only creatures with sufficient power to end the war that threatens Norbane and its mages. With time running short, Morgan must learn how to master her powers and call the marlens to fight. She and Roden face many obstacles together: battling enemy mages, a dragon with a human farm, dealing with opposition from the marlens, and trying to fight off the unlikely attraction they begin feel for one another. They have a job to do, and if Morgan fails, countless lives will be lost and damage will be done that even magic can’t fix.

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