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Truth Be Told

  • Published: April 2001
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 359
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9780738842073

If you’ve ever attended the school of life, you’ll understand…

Kahlila is a college freshman, trying to change the world and get swept off her feet at the same time.  Grad student Dave Robinson must choose whether to remain in the comfort of his relationship with Joy, or to break free from the secret keeping them together.  Desiree fights to be seen as a serious woman, not a sexual one; as rational, not rash.  And Lloyd struggles to regain his passion for music by attempting to ignite a flame for a woman whose eyes gaze elsewhere.

On the campus of Franklin University, these lives clash and harmonize with disjointed precision as they discover the truth about the world, each other, and themselves.

Here’s what readers are saying about Truth Be Told :

"Rachel Skerritt has written an excellent debut novel that accurately depicts college life and first love. The characters are so well developed that by the end of the novel, they are like old friends. The story was crisp and had several socially conscious sub-plots such as teenage pregnancy, race relations, interracial dating, labeling and stereotypes, loyalty, and giving back to the community. This novel is so versatile that both teens and adults young and old can enjoy it. I highly recommend this novel and look forward future works from this author. I definitely hope a sequel is in the works." -Latoya Carter-Qawiyy, The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

"Truth Be Told was a page turner. It never bored me, I was anxious to continue reading. I also like that it wasn´t a "girl" book, which is very cool. My husband is reading it now!" -Randolph, MA

"At some point in the book, you will look up from reading, smile, and say, "TRUUUUUUE." Whether it is scenes at the party, academic struggle, or relationship drama, there is something in it for everyone to be reminded fondly of their college experience." -Philadelphia, PA

"Rachel Skerritt’s method of story-telling is remarkable. The first thing that struck me is her excellent incorporation of the little things which turned out to be of course, not so little." -New York, NY

"Truth Be Told is thought-provoking on the meaning of life and love and our relationships with the people in our lives." -La Jolla, CA

"I’m in the middle of the novel right now; today I had to tear myself away from it to eat lunch. The characters are all too real, and they’re seriously taking me back and cracking me up. I know I’ll want more when I’m finished." -Ann Arbor, MI

"I´m not sure why this book touched me so deeply. It might just be the way Rachel Skerritt really opened up some very special characters for people to get to know. Funny thing is so many of us will see ourselves and maybe understand a little bit better where we´ve been and where we can go." -Baltimore, MD

"I just finished this book, and it was great! I couldn´t put it down. I loved how Rachel incorporated emails, letters, journal entries, and poems into the story. They were a nice change of pace from all of the typical love stories out there for the twenty-something crowd." -Jersey City, NJ

"I felt like I was reading my own autobiography when I read this novel. Rachel really manages to create these characters that seem so real, you swear you know them personally. Black, white, old, young, college educated or not...you will relate to the emotional ups and downs in TRUTH BE TOLD." -Houston, TX

"Kahlila Bradford is certainly a lovable character who eagerly wants to change the world by opening doors of opportunity for local under-privileged children. Well worth a read, Truth Be Told is a touching novel that will warm your heart and reaffirm your belief in the human spirit." - The Dorchester Reporter

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Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
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