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Lois E Hunter is a New Zealand poet, whose ancestors arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand, five generations ago from both Ireland and Cornwall. She grew up in Point Chevalier, Auckland, and has been writing and publishing her poetry for the past thirty years. Now retired, she has accepted her age. She can’t go back, only forward, and the time is approaching where she’s aware she needs to leave her home of seventeen years and select her “forever home.” As she moves further and further out from her existing home, her poems follow the paths she takes both mentally and physically, contemplating which direction to take with, as yet, no urgency to decide. These are poems of people-watching and places, both from her past and the present. There are four parts. Part one is a preview to choosing her existing small island home. Part two is taking day trips away to familiar places. Part three is travelling further afield. Part four is a plateau that has been reached with her future still ahead. Lois says, “The special thing I love about poetry is the similarity between poems and cartoons. With a few deeply considered pen strokes, they both give the reader a complete minimalistic story, thought, or vision.”

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