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Self-Transformation Step-by-Step
  • Published: August 2004
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 326
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781413453850

Rivka’s Integrative Method to stop, prevent, and to reverse conflicts and illnesses will help readers who have little knowledge about this subject. It will also appeal to professionals hoping to expand their areas of expertise.

The authors’ contribution result from decades of experience in psychology, medicine, and psychological therapy, skills they practiced in the United States, Israel, and Latin America.

A book is most beneficial when it promotes the reader’s intellectual growth. Having seen, analyzed, and judged the results of these authors’ skills, I applaud this publication. These pages will give you the tools to live a better and fulfilling life.

Professor of Psychology
Saybrook Graduate School
San Francisco, California

This book is the result of several years of dedication to our own re-creation and transformation process and personal growth. Based on our careers in psychology and medicine, and our self transformation process.. We felt the need to teach others to overcome their self-imposed limits to communicate and relate better. On another level we also understood that self-imposed limits were applicable to other areas of our lives.

Often people do not reach their objectives. Why?... Because, once again, they have self-imposed the “I can’t succeed” idea into their psyche. To develop help our readers develop the potential with which they came into this world, and which they seemed to have forgotten it their main purpose on earth, that’s the reason we wrote this book -- that, and to spread our love and help others in their afflictions and personal projects.

Our aim is to alert the reader of the many factors that affect their quality of life and longevity. For example, we ourselves create the important and frequent illness of which we’re victims. Thus, it is up to us to believe that we can revert that illness; in doing so, we will accomplish their reversion.

In the last years we have taken steps to alert others that it’s necessary to gain knowledge on techniques and new methods, which although already in practice in other countries, have not yet reached our shores. These techniques and new methods serve one purpose; that is, to abolish classic and orthodox concepts that today’s science has proven inefficient.

We intend to implement these outmoded ideas. How?... By incorporating concepts and methods whose time has come. We call the ideas presented in this work: integrative. Why integrative and not anything else? Simple: our methods encompasses that which is good of anything that is old, and that which is progressive in modern thought. In integrating that which has worked before with discoveries of today, and with the scientific guarantee that entails, we’re offering the reader practices that will aid him in achieving quick and efficient results.

A quick overview of today’s society clearly indicate that, in general, people are constantly, mainly in these last years, searching for new ways in which to obtain good health. The attainment of good health, without a doubt, brings along a great benefit: longevity of life.

Conventional drugs and surgery in themselves always pose a risk of danger and complication. Illnesses, the result of drugs prescribed by the medical profession, have increased. Surgeries not completed properly, or prescribed without need, have also increased the rate of illness. These facts necessitate a new concept in health, sickness, therapeutic and prevention. This new concept, as patients themselves believe, should be approached in a state of urgency.

As is, patients consult different doctors and specialists. Later, after technology and its entrapments do not offer the results they expected, these same patients resort to self-treatments and to non-conventional programs in hope of some relief. Unfortunately, sometimes the professionals who run these pr

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