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Sexual Health and Erotic Freedom

  • Also available as: Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Published: August 2005
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 373
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781465330079

What professionals are saying about Sexual Health and Erotic Freedom:

“It is rare for a renowned sexologist to speak honestly as a sexual being. Dr. Barnaby Barratt has summoned the courage to tell us -- brilliantly -- not only about sex per se but about his own sexual journey because he has a mission: He wants to liberate us intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and even politically by restoring our birthright -- the right to embodied sexual pleasure. This is the most stunningly provocative, subversive and touching book I have read in a long time. It is compulsory reading for anyone who longs to feel more richly alive in his/her own skin!”
Peggy J. Kleinplatz, Ph.D.
School of Psychology, University of Ottawa
Editor of New Directions in Sex Therapy

“A brave and important book! Everyone who plans to be sexually active should read it!”
Candida Royalle
Erotic Film Director
Author of How to Tell a Naked Man What To Do

“Dr. Barratt has another winner! Sexual Health and Erotic Freedom is an explosive book that cuts to the core of the divisiveness that is tearing at the fabric of contemporary American religious institutions, and of our culture in general. It is incisive, insightful, and helpful in its vision of health, spirituality, and erotic liberation.”
William R. Stayton, ThD, PhD
Past President, American Association of Sexuality
Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

“Dr. Barratt has written a provocative and courageous exposé, laying bare the societal forces that inhibit our sexuality and crush our capacity for unbridled joy. Sexual Health and Erotic Freedom will stimulate, challenge, and inspire readers to examine long held assumptions about intimate pleasure in ways that may seem foreign -- even shocking to some -- yet are inescapably enlightening. Best of all, Dr. Barratt opens doors to help readers reach a depth of erotic connection that may have seemed barely imaginable before.”
Joy Davidson, PhD
Certified Sex Therapist and Author of Fearless Sex

“Barnaby Barratt offers us a strong manifesto for sexual liberation. If we are indeed in a culture war where sex and exotic desire are primary targets, Dr. Barratt issues a clarion call for honesty and integrity in our sexual discourse. SEXUAL HEALTH AND EROTIC FREEDOM confronts the sex fascism and shame-based sex paranoia that seem to grip our politics and personal relationships, with a radical, courageous and reasoned case for freely and openly liberating our desires and expressing our true sexual selves.”
Jeffrey Montgomery
Executive Director, Triangle Foundation
Vice President, Woodhull Freedom Foundation

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