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Not Too Long Ago

A Christmas in Princeton

A Christmas in Princeton, is about holly, carols, and joy, but it also celebrates the very reasons for Christmas and its colorful traditions. It is a touching tale of friendship and inspiration, and the mysterious way in which giving can transform the giver. It is a breezy, little tale about the meaning and history of Christmas, and it is full of unexpected thoughtfulness and wisdom for young and old.

Tom Cooper is a young lad obsessed with getting whatever he wants. Not only is he self-centered in all his pursuits but he never reflects on the magic inherent in the world around him. That is, until one very special holiday season when a twist of fate brings him to the door of a rickety old shack. It serves as the home of a reclusive old gent who lives the most spartan existence. A friendship develops, and one that brings about a deep and lasting change in Tom. But Tom never fully understands what has happened to him until many years pass and the shack and its habitant are long gone.

Though this story was inspired by an old gentleman whose church provided him with a humble dwelling for his remaining years, the names of individuals and places have been changed, and unconnected events have been intertwined to weave the story.

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