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Secret Whispers

  • Also available as: E-Book
  • Published: December 2009
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 62
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781441582997

Be enthralled by emotive and thoughtful words intertwined into beautiful verses by a woman whose life is tainted with sundry colors that spring from various life experiences. Poet-author Heidy Ramos brings out her honest feelings and deep thoughts through Secret Whispers, a collection of significant poems that convey beautiful stories about the beauty of life, the wonders of love, the sting of loneliness, the impulse of the heart, and more lyrical expressions portraying the workings of one’s existence. Let this book melt your heart and touch your soul as Ramos takes you on a colorful poetic journey. Look into the poet’s heart and soul through this lovely collection!

Mom Publishes Inspirational Poetry

Heidy pens a series of inspirational poems, using nature and love as her palate.

Never too Late for Poetry and Love!

Never Too Late for Loving

Book Review: Secret Whispers
Author, Heidy Ramos Reviewed by Cynthia Brian Heidy Ramos´s poetic side was awakened after her divorce from husband number three. Having grown up in utter poverty in Mactan, Lapu, Lapu City in the Philippines, Heidy did not witness happy, loving relationships in her family. She and her siblings were abandoned by her mother, never knew their family, and lived in fear throughout her childhood. Her small book of poetry, Secret Whispers, is a testament to her love of life, family, and relationships. Her native language is Tagalog, although she writes in English. There are grammatical and editorial errors in this volume because during the publishing process Ms. Ramos was ill. She is redesigning this lovely book from the heart and correcting any of the errors. Secret Whispers is a great gift for anyone in love. Dip into the warm waters of the Philippines and enjoy the innocence, the beauty, and the passion of a beautiful woman of courage and bravery. It´s never too late to have a happy life, to live and love in magnificence. Heidy shows us the way. Share the secret! The book is available at her web site. Listen to a live interview with Heidy on the radio show Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!®. To hear her story in her own words. Cynthia Brian is a New York Times best selling author, TV/Radio personality, speaker, coach, and Founder of Be the Star You Are!® charity,

5.0 out of 5 stars Poetry based on personal experiences, January 28, 2011 By Cheryl A. Pula (New York Mills, New York United States) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)

This review is from: Secret Whispers (Paperback) Heidy writes poetry from the heart, influenced by her experiences as a child growing up in the Philippines. I will admit, I am from the "old school" of rhyming poetry, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The works are full of hope, joy, sadness, pathos, all number of emotions based on personal experience. I know Heidy from a writer´s group in Upstate New York, and she is truly a genuine and nice person, and this is reflected in her writings.

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