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Lightwaves from Orbs: Manifesting Love and Co-Creation. A companion picture book to Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness

  • Published: June 2010
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)
  • Pages: 64
  • Size: 8.5x11
  • ISBN: 9781453509425

Lightwaves from Orbs: Manifesting Love and Co-Creation

Following the publication of Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness in August 2009, Sandra Underwood continued to be visited by these Beings of Light, only in many cases in even more beautiful and astonishing forms she calls "lightwaves," which she believes are high-energy, high-frequency orbs who gather and morph themselves into these colorful and light-filled forms that some call "plasma."

Rather than the science and many quotations included in the last book, this book briefly describes the author's beliefs and experiences as illustrated by the 275 full-color pictures taken from October 2009 through April 2010.

Read about Sandra Underwood's extraordinary spiritual journey following her only child's death and the kundalini awakening that followed her "dark night of the soul." These loving, intelligent Beings have brought great joy, love, and gratitude and turned her life completely around.

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Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)
Price: $20.99
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