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The Guardians of Eden

Book One: Into Prophecy

City of Akhetaten, 1336 BC “It is time for you to know what the oracle of Aten delivered unto your father at the hour of his final initiation. For this will be yours to carry.”


Dublin, Ireland, 2011 “The bottom line is Daniel, this isn’t just another museum piece. It is one of the greatest discoveries of this century—perhaps even this millennium. Akhenaten´s stela not only tells us about a future event. It’s telling us when it will occur. . . all that’s left is to find the next breadcrumb, some indication that the ancient king has returned, since nothing else happens until he, or she, shows up.”

“Daniel, I´ve talked to my research lab in Paris about the results of the children’s tests and if the analysis is accurate, some brand-new DNA and corresponding gene codes have been activated in both of them. In layman terms, the genetic chemistry of the children has changed significantly, giving them highly unique abilities. And according to the results, it appears that the catalyst was . . . .”

Imagine a story co-written by Dan Brown, Bruce Lipton and J.K. Rowling, and you will have The Guardians of Eden, Into Prophecy. Follow this fast-paced thriller as our young hero and his father stumble upon one of the most significant ancient prophecies – and greatest threats – ever to be exposed. And meet the young ones that will eventually bring it to pass.

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