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To Love, Lace and Boots, this is a book that comes from deep with in my heart it is all fiction, my imagination has always seemed real to me, in spite of the fact that I, would like for it to be real. It is still just Fantasies that play in side my head. These are my inter most thoughts and feelings I, write here it’s just the way I, would like to see the world, believing in other Human Beings, concerned about each other as a people. Without any prejudice, and just be at peace with the desire for everyone to love and be loved no matter what choice we make in living our lives. To have hope for yourself and others, and learn the secret of prosperity, it will come to you if you believe in that spiritual chaperone, that we all must be accountable to. I am sure by now you know that I, am an incurable romantic, I, love the idea of being in love. I am in love and have been for a long time, with the right person, for all the right reasons. So I, receive all the benefits that come with this amazing love. Absent of; loneliness, the knowledge of knowing that I am really loved, Financial freedom, the ability to do what pleases us, it doesn’t not get much better then this. The characters in this story are so true to themselves. On the one hand you have a badly wounded solider in a very depressed, unconscious state. That is being well taken care of by a very caring student nurse, that helps him to recover, wounds are healing, depression can no longer keep a smile off his face. When he does recover from this nightmare, he is just grateful to be alive and over joyed. The student nurse is very happy with herself because she has helped in his recover. This is 1897, one years before the Spanish American War. There is an instant gratification between the two, they are not really aware. This is. Human to Human hoping for the best for others. Doing what ever you can to help, and having hope for yourself and others. Living a wealth life if it just happens to be your blessing and a 12 Vivian Phelps-Ray working person getting educated and living a plain, happy, comfortable life knowing that you are blessed. This is not a world that is at peace with it self and prejudice live here. In the confines of this story you will fine happiness, love, some pain and tears, and a good look at the world then and now. By Vivian Ray

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