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Moments Before Conception

A Split Second Before Deception
  • Published: June 2013
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)
  • Pages: 240
  • Size: 8.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781483651255

Post traumatic medicine only because you beheld the greatest reality show you virtual high definition veteran. There is no cover charge to enter Misery's company but the door labeled exit may rearrange your anatomy. If you never arrived on time prepare for the unforeseen fate in-between hades and the star gate that is hidden from constellations of modern astronomy. If you have no love, values, or any moral system read Numbers, Leviticus, Exodus, and Deuteronomy. They promised to measure the weight of your cause without negligence only for you to discover that in their mind of make believe they intentionally pretended. The domino effect was so tremendous that it convinced THE MOST HIGH to pay a particle of a fraction of his time of an instant of undivided attention to produce the worst series of winter blizzards that eclipsed the spring to introduce the summer that never ended. Without the shadow of indecisiveness shear 20/20 clear vision of the situations expressed in your most intimate testimony is flawless, immaculate, and virtually see through. Eventually the trader of trickery convinces everyone to think that you're insane, that your testimony is in vain, and even the oldest congregation of faithful followers of the unseen, (listen to the confession in the oldest cathedral), and without conviction they refuse to believe you. The father of carnage turned the silver lining in your paradise into a circle underneath a merry go round whose shine was covered by the most gothic tarnish The father of chaos mocked your natural defense mechanisms as subjects for ridicule, debate, and criticism as he mutilated your courage, your dreams to flourish, and stripped your log cabin of all its protection and varnish. The most pleasant life of the one who was blessed twice is now a mangled existence trapped in the maze of acoma induced by medical mischief that blackmailed the name of science on the threshold of the worst disaster. You were born privileged in "THE LAND OF THE FREE" but now your world is dictated by the lowest third world slave who shows no mercy as your new overlord and master. You were born in THE TEMPLE OF GOD but now you serve HIM unsuccessfully in a drought stricken pasture. You were depending on the arrival of the second coming of THE KING born of THE VIRGIN WOMEN only to discover that in the silence of the most intoxicating night the thief took the best livestock from the center field called THE RAPTURE. He incarcerates the native of the nation only to give the most vicious of all criminals’ amnesty. He cast the heaviest bone shattering stones at THE CREATOR OF ALL only to give the credit for his creations to the vipers of vanity. He slanders the wise with confessions of deception locked and loaded with lies with the keys to sudden death at wholesale prices prescription dementia he buys. He uplifts the worst of the wicked as he murders pure truth in the free trial time period to torture and chastise. The exploitation of the most powerful nation's neophyte generation, (as the most cunning cut throat third world anthropologist on a do or die mission in the disguise of a psychiatrist), gives a vivid demonstration of terror in the prescription filled under the cover of so-called treatment labeled medication. Your body has the natural ability to recover from any form of sorrow, grief, and or depression; with logic, time, and compassion, the answer to the question of your stressing is self-rehabilitation. Everyone has good and bad days that alter normal reactions as your emotions in ratio to his are only minute fractions; but he claims that you are a danger to yourself and to members of a much more dangerous society of uncontrollable madness. He intentionally diagnosed you with the most gruesome so-called mental disorders that he is preparing to prescribe and inflict on the perfect painting of your mental canvas; only for him to look into the windows of your soul as he injects you with a generic form o

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Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)
Price: $121.99
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