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Blood Brothers

The Forgotten Children of the Mound Builders
  • Also available as: E-Book, Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Published: May 2013
  • Format: Dust Jacket Hardcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 304
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781483640822

Coahoma - The black panther is Chief Ituha's son, a natural leader, training to become a healer, falls in love with Ethane'. Moki - The white tailed buck is Makah's son, an empath, loves working with plants, and is training to become a healer. Fala - The crow is Lanto's son, has a good sense of humor, but doesn't like his animal spirit, training to become a healer. Laurel - The Old Woman Who Walks with a Bear, is a gifted medicine woman, fights the white witches and giants. Chief Ituha - Chief of the Choctaw, Coahoma and Dakota's father, works with Laurel to save his tribe from the giants. Pontiac - He is Laurel's apprentice who is possessed by Lugh's spirit. He loses his battle and mutates into a werewolf. Tiponi - She is Alawa and Nashoba's daughter who is possessed by Morrigan. Dakota - Coahoma's brother is a fearless leader who wants to be chief, falls in love with Nita, and fights the giant Alli. Tecumseh - Laurel's deceased husband, warns Laurel about Pontiac and Tiponi's possession, protects Laurel. Aylwen and Wakie Wisag Lugh - The Ole' Wolf is a red haired elite Aylwen warrior who becomes a shaman, and his dream is to be a werewolf. Morrigan - She is Lugh's wife, a master shaman, mother of Ethane' and five sons, and seeks her revenge through Tiponi. Ethane' - Lugh and Morrigan's daughter is a tall blue eyed teenager who is betrothed to the prince, and is kidnapped. Dahey - He is Lugh and Morrigan's son who travels to the Choctaw village to save his father and massacre the village. Bradan - He is one of Lugh and Morrigan's twin sons who plans to save his father and massacre the Choctaw village. Tomas - He is Bradan's twin. He travels with his brothers to the Choctaw village to save his Pa. Cu Chulainn - He is the ten foot elite warrior who travels with the prince on the Dragon Lady to fight the Choctaw. Kenji - He is a gifted dwarf shaman of the Wakie Wisag tribe, Gaim's friend, and fights the blood brothers. Prince Sangann - He is King Gann's son, an elite Aylwen warrior, betrothed to Ethane', leads his warriors to the Choctaw. Coahoma wakes up and sees a shadow person hovering beside him. When it fades from sight, he hears an ominous timber wolf howling in the distance. When his mother shares a bad dream that she had about him, he defies her wishes to abandon the path that he has chosen - to become a healer. He tells her not to worry about the wolf. Coahoma, Moki, and Fala are anxious to journey into the Spirit World to spy on the Soul Robber. These blood brothers are disappointed when Laurel reads her old bones and decides to take the boys to see Kachina, the Guardian of the Bees instead. Coahoma watches Pontiac while they are with Kachina and realizes that this trip is a healing lesson. He learns the plant names that make up the Sacred Seven. After they return and things quiet down, Laurel receives a message that wolves are attacking her bear. She arms herself and rushes to him. She battles this pack and eventually kills a strange tattered wolf. She realizes that he is a shape shifter and tells Pontiac to rip out his heart. When Pontiac performs this ancient ritual, he traps Lugh spirit in him. Tecumseh travels from the Happy World to warn Laurel that Lugh's wife is coming to get her revenge for her husband. She takes possession of Tiponi and uses her as an avatar to be near Lugh. She also sends her three sons: Dahey, Bradan, and Tomas to this remote village to behead the men and bring their heads back to her. She hopes to find Lugh's spirit and return it to him. The blood brothers disobey Laurel and follow her across the Ohi:Yo' River and into the Land of the Giant blonde hair sorcerers to lean their black magic and to learn the identity of these white witches that possess Pontiac and Tiponi. While they are spying on this village, they run into a hideous ghost named Donehogawa and Coahoma falls in love with Ethane', the Ol' W

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