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Treacherous Journey through the Philippines

  • Also available as: E-Book, Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Published: September 2013
  • Format: Dust Jacket Hardcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 200
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781483698816

This novel was previously published under the title MY STORY IN THE PHILIPPINES IN FIRST PERSON, which proved to be an awkward title and was rightfully criticized. So I decided to republish the story under a new, more appropriate name, TREACHEROUS JOURNEY THROUGH THE PHILIPPINES, but only after thoroughly editing the wording of the text. Because the story line was recognized as being interesting and flowing, nothing else was changed except for my adding sketches at critical sections. My wife, Nelle, encouraged me to write a novel but passed away in 1992. She always wanted to help. The book may have suffered because she was unable to contribute her clear language. She always contended that in writing fiction, she could invent a story as interesting as one that occurred in real life. I believed her. She certainly was an entertaining conversationalist and had a lighthearted, devilish way of concocting a yarn. The plot for TREACHEROUS takes you to locations actually visited by the author. However, the characters and events are fictional. Larry Bulger is not meant to be Peter Robinson. Larry Bulger jumped headlong into treacherous circumstances. Peter Robinson’s nature would be to circumvent the dangers presented by adversaries in the story. Perhaps Larry was a person Peter would like to be. The historical facts, such as Japanese General Yamashita pillaging Southeast Asia for treasure during WWII and hiding portions of the loot in the Philippines, are true but twisted somewhat for the convenience of the plot. The corruption of the Marcos regime is based on commonly repeated rumors that were prevalent at the time.

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