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The Twin Realms Series
  • Published: April 2013
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 364
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781483612553

Starting in the bowels of the palace, hunting through tomes and tomes of journals looking for a clue of the evil perpetrators, a betrothal was planned that afternoon and the time in the library is cut short after another special tome is located. The festivity include a challenge between Aaraniria and Tonaye’s soldiers in an arena made for these games, a ball game, men on horses bareback where strength and courage is tested. They have a weeklong celebration in which time many hidden traps are found, the hard way, and Rowanlee also falls foul to one of the spells, taking time away from the palace, Rowanlee and Eagle come to understand who the perpetrators are and talk how to capture and contain men of magical power. The Hystallys fall foul of a magical spell and call Rowanlee to rescue them before the land devourers his herd of ladies, all land bound due to being with child or due given birth. Saving the Hystallys they plead to be given the opportunity to have revenge on these people that place his family in danger, the Hystallys have gifts of their own that can help Rowanlee capture the evil perpetrators, Rowanlee accepts their offer and returns to the waterfall to recuperate, before returning to the palace. She finds after some investigation that one of the pillars is split and leakage of power has been happening since they were built, the evil ones were tapping into this power and gaining extra power to cause the corruption. Rowanlee repairs the pillar and in doing so inadvertently becomes part of the pillars, she bonds to them and had power over them, they overload her with information that had happened over the many winters and she learns how to use the power and the arena. Telling the king who is the perpetrators was one of the hardest tasks Eagle and Rowanlee have ever had to undergo, his cousin and cousin’s son were two in Tonaye. Rowanlee uses the staff as bait to bring the evil one to Tonaye, when the last one arrives back in Tonaye, she blocks the ability to use their gifts and with the assistance of the Hystallys push the two who are not yet at the palace to the palace. Locking them in the warded room until the dark moon when Rowanlee will attempt to remove the evil taint from the evil ones, but as it has never been performed before, it is uncertain if the attempt will be successful.

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