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FAQ - Book Production & Printing Facilities


Where does Xlibris print my book?

Xlibris maintains relationships with top-quality printing facilities in New Jersey and Canada. With the latest in print-on-demand technology, we stand by our book production and are the standard-bearer for quality in the print-on-demand publishing industry.

For books that are ordered through the distribution channel, Lightning Source Incorporated prints and ships them directly from their printing house.

What printing technology does Xlibris use?

Xlibris uses the latest in digital print-on-demand technology for both black and white and full-colour books. Our black and white published books are printed using digipress technology. While for our full-colour books we use NexPress digital production colour press, which is a special dry-ink digital printing device. Unique among digital colour platforms, the Nex-Press features a five-colour (pentachrome), LED based dry toner, digital offset electrophotographic perfecting engine and boasts a customer-configurability that allows for coating, glossing and gamut expansion, providing numerous options.

What kind of binding do you use?

Xlibris titles use perfect binding.

What is your average turnaround time for a paperback book? Hardback book?

Once we receive your order, it normally takes 10-15 business days to print and bind a paperback book. For hardbacks, they normally take 15-20 business days.

What kind of book formats do you provide?

Xlibris is able to publish your book and make it available in a e-Book, paperback, hardback or bespoke leather bound format. We can print books with both black & white and full-colour interiors.

What trim sizes do you provide?

You can choose between 6" x 9" for black & white published books, or 8.5" x 11" or 8.5" x 8.5" for full-colour books. For the bespoke leather book, you have the option of a magnum size of 7" x 10.5".

What kind of paper do you use for printing books?

Only the best. For our Black & White published books, we use a 50 lb. acid-free cream coloured stock. While for full-colour books, we use high-quality, 80lb. vibrant colour interior on rich, durable stock.

What are the specifications for your hardback editions?

Xlibris produces library-quality hardback volumes. For Black & White published books, they are perfectly bound and come with a glossy dust jacket. We print hardbacks on the highest-quality paper stock and laminate the dust jacket for durability and shelf life. The book title and author's name are embossed onto the spine in a classic typeface and burnished in gold for a professional presentation*. The Full-Colour hardback volume also features perfect binding and an attractive case bound cover with high gloss lamination.

NOTE: No stamped text (golden emboss) if the page count is 107 and below.

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