It’s almost the end of the first month of the New Year, so make it worthwhile—and make sure you’re on the right track to achieving your 2015 goals. If you’re not quite there yet, we can help you pave a clearer path with these publishing, marketing, and bookselling specials.


Accomplishing your goal is easier said than done, but we can help you with that. Imagine the year ahead: you finally fulfilling your goals with a published book in hand.

But to get to that point, you have to start the journey first. Begin by choosing from our selection of publishing packages—at 30% off until January 31!

And while you’re at it, set your book-marketing goals as well. Plan ahead on how you’re going to entice booksellers to stock your work. One way to do that is by making your book returnable through the Bookstore Returnability Program. And if you purchase this service together with your package by the 31st, you’ll enjoy a free upgrade to the next higher service level!

Call your Publishing Consultant today, or send an e-mail to publishtoday@xlibris.com to learn more.


With your publishing goal accomplished and done, it’s time to look ahead to what more you can achieve with your book.

If you would like to share your story with more people or achieve a larger readership base, a marketing plan is a must. Think about what you want to focus on—traditional printed materials, video advertising, TV and radio, print ads, or book reviews—and choose from our wide selection of marketing services to start your campaign.

If you take your pick by January 31, you get to enjoy a 20% discount on your chosen service!

Call your Marketing Consultant today, or send an e-mail to marketing.consultants@xlibris.com to learn more.


Take your book promotions a step further. Make sure that copies of your book actually reach those who are interested in reading it with a well-planned bookselling campaign.

Begin by stocking up on copies of your book. If you purchase 150 copies or more of your book by January 31, we’ll throw in a free press release campaign on top of your author discount.

You get a professionally crafted press release sent to 100 media outlets when you order at least 150 copies. But order 250 copies or more, and you get to enjoy additional media mileage with a press release sent to 500 media outlets!

Call your Book Consultant today, or send an e-mail to orders@xlibris.com to learn more or to take advantage of this special deal.

The publishing offer is not valid on the eAdvantage, Advantage, Basic, Poetry Classique, Sci-Fi, and Title Pitch publishing packages.

The marketing offer is not valid on Publishers Weekly Print & Online Bundles, Media Airtime packages, Events Marketing, and Galleries packages.

The bookselling offer is valid on single purchases of 150 copies or more for PRC 100 and 250 copies or more for PRC 500 that are of the same title and format and shipped to a single address. This is royalty exclusive and nonreturnable. Shipping charges are not included and will be paid for by the buying party.

These special offers are also subject to further terms and conditions and may change without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply.