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We get it—the decision to finally go after your goals can be both scary and exciting at the same time. But the moment you step out of your comfort zone and decide to make a move towards what you want to achieve as a writer and an author, you can rest assured that our team will be here to support you. So what’s stopping you? Go after your goals one “yes” at a time anytime this month to enjoy discounts on our publishing and marketing services.


So you want to be an author, a writer and creator of literary works. The pinnacle of your success? Your very own published book. And this is where we can help you.

Here at Xlibris, our goal is to make every author’s publishing experience a good one. This is why we have bundled our services into publishing packages—including ISBN assignment, worldwide distribution through online retailers, availability in different formats, and more—so you get the full experience without breaking the bank.

But the deal gets better. From now through the end of the month, you can get your package at 10% off.

If you are an ALC member or are signing up for a subscription, your discount goes up to a massive 50% off!

Call your Publishing Consultant today, or send an email to publishtoday@xlibris.com to learn more about this publishing exclusive.


Besides helping you become an author, Xlibris also allows you the freedom to market your book however and wherever you want to—even Hollywood.

Explore your story’s big screen potential and bring it to life with a 10% markdown on our Hollywood Book-to-Screen services. If you’re an ALC subscriber or are signing up for a subscription, your discount goes up to 20% off!

With three packages to choose from, you’ll get the opportunity to have your book’s synopsis, outline, or production-ready screenplay available to Hollywood’s key decision makers through a database.

If you want to pitch your story yourself, you can do so at the Book-to-Screen PitchFest LA 2017. Here you can learn, practice, and refine your pitching skills before presenting your book to Hollywood representatives.

Call your Marketing Consultant today, or send an email to marketing.consultants@xlibris.com for more details.


Now you’re a self-published author and your very own marketing director—why not complete the package and take the driver’s seat in your bookselling effort too?

But before going out to literary events or book signings, make sure you equip yourself with an ample stock of book copies first.

With copies on hand, it will be easier for interested book lovers to read sneak peeks of your book. Who knows, they might be intrigued enough to buy a copy on the spot!

Go ahead and order copies of your book today. With your every order of book copies, we’ll throw in an exclusive author-exclusive discount.

Call your Book Consultant today, or send an email to orders@xlibris.com to learn more.

The 50% off publishing offer is not valid on Basic, Professional, Christian Novice, Poetry, Sci-Fi, Romance Debut, and Indigo Chapters publishing packages. These special offers are also subject to further terms and conditions and may change without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply.

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At Xlibris, we provide authors with a supported self-publishing solution from our comprehensive range of publishing packages and associated services. Publish and distribute your book to a global audience in classic black & white, dazzling full-color, paperback, hardback, or custom leather bound formats, plus all digital formats. Request your free Guide to Publishing and find the services that best suit your publishing vision.