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Let’s face it: publishing a book on your own is no picnic, but with our help and our services—and this month’s special deals—your literary journey can be like a relaxing summer afternoon at the park, with good food and good reads to boot.


Turning your manuscript into a published book is not an easy task, especially when you’re self-publishing. But our 24/7 support and full suite of services can make your journey to becoming an author more manageable.

We’ll even throw in a free upgrade when you buy the Professional, Custom, Premium, or Executive publishing package by July 15. That means you get access to more publishing, editorial, and marketing services.

If you buy the Custom, Premium, or Executive, publishing package by July 8, you can save more with a 5% discount!

Looking to plan your book promotions? Explore your book’s Hollywood potential with our Hollywood Book-to-Screen packages, at 20% off until the 15th.

Call your Publishing Consultant today, or send an e-mail to publishtoday@xlibris.com to learn more.


It’s OK to dream big, such as hoping to have your book adapted for the big screen. But it’s even better to take concrete action toward your goals by exploring your Hollywood potential with our Hollywood book-to-Screen packages.

You won’t have to go cold-calling on Hollywood executives and producers. We’ll help you by connecting you with the right people and entering your work in an easily accessible database. And depending on your package, we’ll prepare a script coverage, treatment, or screenplay for your books.

The best part? Our packages are at 20% off until July 15! Call your Marketing Consultant today, or send an e-mail to marketing.consultants@xlibris.com to learn more.


Utilizing the power of the media can do wonders for your book: it can shape opinions, influence trends, and in the long run possibly convince your readers to buy your book.

And until the 15th, we’re throwing in a free press release campaign when you stock up on copies of your book!

Buy at least 150 copies, and have a professionally written press release sent out to 100 media outlets. But buy at least 250 copies, and get more potential media mileage with your press release sent to 500 media outlets.

Call your Book Consultant today, or send an e-mail to orders@xlibris.com to learn more or to take advantage of this special deal.

The publishing offer is not valid on eAdvantage, Basic, Christian Novice, Poetry Classique, Sci-Fi, and Title Pitch publishing packages.

The bookselling special is subject to minimum purchases of 150 copies for PRC 100, and minimum purchases of 250 copies for PRC 500, that are of the same title and format shipped to a single address. This is royalty exclusive and nonreturnable.

These special offers are also subject to further terms and conditions and may change without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply.