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Xlibris’ exclusive Take a Look Inside feature allows you to experience and get an idea of what your final published work will look like. Whether you have written a memoir, book of poetry, children’s book, book of fiction or non-fiction, photography book, self-help book or cookbook; whether you would like to publish in full-color or black & white, the Xlibris Take a Look Inside feature lets you see what your book will look like before you even begin the publishing process.


Journey Through Nature

By: Klaus Lang

Lang’s photographs each capture a moment in time and space, yet transcend both. His unique perspective accents the burgeoning symbolism within each shot, treating the viewer to an unexpected hint of the artistic value veiled beneath the surface.

Ultimately, his photographs are an expression that both complement and defy the frame in which they are set.

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By: Jane Ellen

A Star for Santa is a beautiful story, something that children and adults will enjoy. It is sure to warm your heart each and every Christmas season.

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A Surgeon's Memoir of Battlefield Medicine with Letters to and from Home

By: Howard W. Jones, Jr. and Georgeanna Seegar Jones

War and Love takes us into the field operating rooms just behind the murderous front lines of World War II. Howard Jones, then a 33-year-old surgeon, Army Medical Corps, records his first experience.

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Poems by Doris Washington

By: Doris Washington

A Blessing, Caring & Sharing takes you to that place we all long for “inner peace.” This collection of poems also brings you spiritual and inspirational messages of hope, love, and the world of Autism. Finding that inner peace can do so much for the soul. If you're looking for that peace of mind through everyday living, if you're looking to relax after a stressful day, if you live with Autism, or if you're searching for the beauty of life in a vast changing world, then this book is for you.

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