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Book Buyers Preview

A sneak peek of your book to potential readers is what a free taste is to potential customers. To convince prospective buyers that your book is worth their money, give them a free preview of your book by using the Xlibris Book Buyer’s Preview.

The Book Buyer’s Preview allows you to share excerpts of your book’s first chapter to a global audience, including book buyers, librarians, and researchers. For example, when potential buyers access their ordering database, they can see your book preview along with the ordering information.

Why should you use the Book Buyer’s Preview?

  • Show a preview of your book on the databases and websites of leading book retailers and distributors such as Ingram Content Group, Baker & Taylor, and Barnes & Noble.
  • Your book preview will be accessible to library patrons in libraries who choose to catalog your book.
  • Plus, your book preview will also be on EBSCO, the leading service provider of archived print materials and related services for libraries and research organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages of my book will appear?

The Book Buyer’s Preview will share, on average, the first six to eight pages of your book to book buyers.

Will prospective customers be able to download my book for free?

Only an excerpt is available for browsing, and all of the preview content remains under the protection of your copyright. No one will be able to download your book for free or copy the content in the preview without your consent.