Secrets To Reaching Your Destiny


by Salay H. Kekula



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/15/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 182
ISBN : 9781465395368
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 182
ISBN : 9781664116191
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 182
ISBN : 9781465395375

About the Book

This book bring solutions to the following groups of people:
It is written to solve problem for those who have come from broken homes, orphans, single parents and divorced men and women who are suffering from emotional damage and deep rooted psychological challenges. If you are seriously looking for a sound solution as to how to overcome any emotional problems then this book is for you. It is also written to the one who is hungry spiritually and is looking for a healthy and pure spiritual diet to feed and develop their spirit. It is written for parents, married couples and young people, teenagers offering education and knowledge on overcoming daily life challenges.

Finally, it is written for those who are seeking to be prepared for ministry and want to know what it takes to influence the world powerfully with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in this modern time. The things you will discover are secrets that have not yet been fully understood by the body of Christ.

You are significant

The purpose of the book is to show you my reader how to identify and overcome the seven major challenges, the negative forces in our environment both internal and external and overcome them by the knowledge you will gain. But since most people do not know what exactly is going on in their lives they fail to recognize these challenges and negative forces thereby flow with the negative current of society and sabotage their destinies. But your life story is going to be different because of the secrets you will learn in this awesome book.

Perhaps you might have from experience recognized these challenges but needed help in overcoming them. But now, by owning this book, you have the specialised knowledge of how to overcome the seven major challenges that most people face in life. Have you ever wondered why most people settle for a life of failure? Do you ever ask yourself why so many people with great potential and yet live ordinary and mediocre lives? This book answers those questions and much more. You will learn how to take control so your story will not end up like one of those who settles for less due to impossible situations presented to them by the status quo.

Why this book?

Every challenge I have discussed in this book is something I have personally experienced, eliminated from my life and therefore sense an obligation to share my knowledge and experience with you backed up with the word so that you too can recognize and overcome these challenges that keeps majority of people in poverty.

One of the great benefits of reading this amazing book especially chapter one is the impact is going to have on your personal relationships and the increase in your faith and self-esteem. Your faith in God’s ability and his word to bring you out of any negative situation you are facing right now will get stronger.

Apply the knowledge

After following the practical steps taught in this classic book, you will be empowered to obliterate any obstacle and position you to not give in to the pressures of family, friends and society but keep pressing on towards your destiny and attract the life of your dreams. Your role is to play your part by applying the principles taught so that you can get the beneficial output.

Get a revelation

The insights, antidote, and revelations in this book are rare and precious Jewels which are designed to position you in a place of advantage over life circumstances. They are a result of my many years of personal walk with God and some of the lessons he taught me about the secrets of living an overcoming life despite the challenges presented by family, friends, environment and society.

Success comes to those who seek it

You will also meet Gideon a young man who was conditioned by his culture and programme by his society to think lowly of

About the Author

Salay Hailey Kekula has been involved in Christian ministry for more than a decade. He is the founder of Christ Glorious Church, a ministry with two branches in Liberia. He is a gifted writer, author, speaker and passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others who come in contact with him. He studied at the University of Manchester obtained a Bachelor Degree in religious studies. He also received a scholarship from the Manchester Business School and did a post-graduate in European Business Management. One of the key qualities that drive Salay is his love for God. Everything He does flows from his passionate motivation for God and His creation. His passion is to make this world a better place.