Gun Violence, Disability and Recovery

by Cate Buchanan, Editor



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/11/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 328
ISBN : 9781493101771
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 328
ISBN : 9781493101788

About the Book

Gun violence—intentional, self-directed or accidental—is a profoundly traumatic experience. From physical injuries to unseen psychological scars and permanent impairments, it irrevocably changes people’s lives. Gun violence does not just the individual shot or threatened. Secondary victimisation also includes relatives, friends, colleagues, caregivers, and, perhaps controversially, perpetrators themselves. Gun Violence, Disability and Recovery provides the first overview of the rights and needs of survivors of gun violence. The collection contains contributions from gun violence survivors, trauma surgeons, disability rights activists, rehabilitation specialists, violence prevention and reduction experts, development practitioners, and gender justice advocates. From countries with low resource levels to those already equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitation centres, this innovative publication provides policymakers, practitioners, government officials, and donors with timely analysis on what could be done differently to meet the needs and rights of survivors of gun violence.

“This volume speaks to me both as a government official and as a survivor of gun violence. I know first-hand how painful the aftermath of such a life-changing event can be. But I also know it is possible to recover and make a positive difference in society. I hope this book will inspire other survivors to follow this path.”

Lenín Moreno Garcés, Vice President, Ecuador

“Little attention has been paid to the fact that for every person killed by gun violence, as many as six victims will survive, often with severe disabilities. The long-term physical and psychological damage, social and economic impacts, can no longer be overlooked. Bringing together voices of survivors, as well as health, medical, rehabilitation and legal concerns, this book represents a significant step forward, outlining key issues for policy, practice and intervention. It is a must read for anyone concerned about human rights and violence—and that should mean all of us.”

Nora Ellen Groce, Director, Leonard Cheshire Disability & Inclusive Development Centre, University College London, UK

“Every year, hundreds of thousands of victims of gun violence, together with their families, experience the real costs of the availability and misuse of arms in our communities. For these victims to attain their basic human rights, so often denied them, we need a better understanding of their predicament, challenges and needs. Gun Violence, Disability and Recovery, with its comprehensive overview and analysis, will critically inform our efforts to develop and implement better policies and practices to enhance the realisation of the rights of survivors of armed violence, including implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty.”

Espen Barth Eide, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway

“The reality of survivors of gun violence—my reality—is so often lost in narrow political and economic interests. This volume gives me hope that attention to life after gun violence will begin to receive long overdue attention, and contribute to the long haul effort of improving services for survivors as well as working towards accountability about the arms trade.”

Shelley Barry, filmmaker, South Africa

“International development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals, will not be achieved if the rights of people with disabilities are not met. Through a broad range of case studies and examples from low and middle income countries, this book shows us how States could do better. Let us hope that its message is heard. As a survivor of gun violence myself, I take a keen interest in any effort to effect gun control, particularly across Africa. This is the

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