Thomas Jefferson: Inquiry History for Daring Delvers

by Esther Franklin



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Publication Date : 7/18/2012

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About the Book

Thomas Jefferson: Inquiry History for Daring Delvers contains multiple questions which are reactions to presentations the author has made about The Others At Monticello. The new work reflects a continuation of extensive reading and other pertinent research. Esther Franklin is a retired educator who taught from kindergarten to university. Early in her career she wrote Understanding World Neighbors in the Elementary Classroom which was predictive of her long interest and involvement in earth citizenship education. More recently she wrote script and worked with university students on the CD, "Are You A Global Citizen?"

For those of us in the field of education who study the past to understand the present, this book guides the way to Thomas Jefferson's contributions to our thinking and institutions. Pertinent quotes lead the reader to explore the most fruitful research literature. This is extremely useful for teachers who look for ways to direct and support their students' research – especially those who seek answers about Jefferson's beliefs on their own. The many questions posed by this author are designed to expand the thinking and direction of the Delvers and, consequently, make the search for Jefferson's views on education even more enticing.

Sharon Alexander, PhD
Professor Emeritus
California State University Sacramento
Book ID 99970

In Chapter Eight of her newest book, Esther Franklin spells out how Jefferson was unsuccessful in his effort to promote the idea of a "National Library." Subsequently, when the British burned our Capitol during the War of 1812, he immediately offered his personal collection at Monticello - 6,487 volumes - and our nation's library arose from the ashes. The political machinations behind the scenes, the lengthy historical infighting in the Congress, and the overview of our fledgling government struggling with little money and large ambitions all come together. Few of us have learned in "traditional" history classes about the breadth of Jefferson's collection - from literary classics to garden equipment - or do they know the extent to which he was in debt. Students (maybe their professor's?) will learn about the sale. It was not a gift? This is "must" reading for all individuals who continue to use - in multiple ways - today's amazing Library of Congress.

Donald Junkins
Professor Emeritus
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

If you are interested in medicine and healthy living, Chapter 11 is for you. Or you could be musician - even an aspiring musician, Jefferson's story is an inspiration as well as a resource. If you are a writer, the discussion of Jefferson's many writings, including his 20,000 letters will illuminate the era. Finally, did Jefferson live up to his title of "Founder of the Nation" or was he just another flawed human being? You decide.

Pat Geyer
California Council for the Social Studies
Board, California Retired Teachers Association
Author, CCSS: The History and the People Who Made It

About the Author

Esther Franklin’s historical novel, The Others At Monticello is the result of ten years of research. She lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, for three of those years and spent many hours at both of Thomas Jefferson’s homes. She also used extensive resources at the Library of Congress and other institutions in addition to scholarly books about the Third President. She became acquainted with a number of his descendants. Following publication of the book, she made presentations at educational meetings, such as California Council for the Social Studies and California Association of School Librarians as well as to other groups, Book Clubs and Humanist Forums. Thomas Jefferson: Inquiry History for Daring Delvers has roots in discussions/reactions following her talks. Plus it is the result of more years of study of books, films, and created/recordings about Jefferson created since she began her original research - a number of these are not as complimentary as those she first examined. Her new volume - non-fiction - is intended for a wide audience. It might be used in both high school and college classes. Or it may be interesting for Book Clubs or Senior Home Presentations.