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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/7/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 154
ISBN : 9781469164274

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..will allow an experience by the power of the Holy Spirit in your every day life. Choose to commit time to the study of God¡¯s word and see a spiritual transformation take place within. -- Annie B. Darden, Author, ¡°The Ephesians Woman¡± ¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö ¡°¡­truths revealed on these pages can clean, soothe, dress, and ultimately Heal all of our wounds allowing us to be healthy, happy, holy children of the King. A. Michael Charles Durant, Senior Pastor, TSBC, Washington, DC ¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö ¡°¡­A sting of any kind is usually very painful; it may cause one to stumble and fall. We can recover by living in harmony according to God¡¯s word. Only by having a relationship with our Creator, renewing the mind in Christ, on one accord, are we then able to have interaction through fellowship.¡± Minister Beatrice V. Fields, -- Hollywood, MD ¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö This faithfully and lovingly prepared instructional work will be a trusted and valuable resource for God¡¯s people as we purpose to be ever more aware of the pervasive influence of the enemy and his schemes to capture and hold us hostage with intent on neutralizing the power of our witness. Yet this work not only unmasks the root cause of much of our struggle, this work also carefully directs us toward deliverance and victory. Dr. Robert M. ¡°Bob¡± Fields ¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö ¡°¡­is an excellent tool for use on a ¡°continuous basis,¡± which will aid in overcoming a destructive or uncontrollable habits [sting], which are sinful, and goes against the grain for righteous living. Pastor Lonnie Johnson, EBC, Washington, DC ¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö ...healing the wounded, within the walls, is available for all saved by the power of God. This self-study survey for "recovery" provides guaranteed insight for spiritual strength to a troubled soul.¡± Dr. Raymond T. Matthews, Pastor, SMBC/Moderator, PRBA ¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö ¡°Recovery Guidelines¡± provides both direction and encouragement as we allow ourselves to identify and acknowledge our sins, recognize our need for God, learn to depend on the Holy Spirit, and truly want to recover from our often debilitating habits and behaviors/sins. Phyllis J. Mayo, Ph.D., Psychologist -- (Director, Pastoral Care & Counseling Center ¨C MABC) ¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö Through this self-study you will foster the knowledge that one will never be ¡°unfriended¡± by Christ, and that recovery is always possible. Recovery begins and ends with the Word of God. This masterful skill will revealed that restoration is complete through and in Christ, when utilizing the Book of Romans. Reverend Gloria Ann Savoy, Daughters of Zion Ministry, Welcome, MD ¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö¡Ö Reverend G. Brown-Johnson¡¯s guide will give you a better understanding of God¡¯s Word and help you find the right repellant for a ¡°Bee in the Church House.¡± - Lena Williams, Author, ¡°It¡¯s the Little Things¡± [A New York Times Notable Book of the Yea

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