Language Intelligence or Universal English

Remedy Your Speech Skills Book 3

by Dr. Rimaletta Ray



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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/23/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 303
ISBN : 9781483674438
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 303
ISBN : 9781483674445

About the Book

 “Language Intelligence or Universal English” by Dr. Rimaletta Ray

 The book “Language Intelligence or Universal English” – is a collection of the three volumes, Book One, Book  Two, and Book Three ,  that represent the three parts of  one, interconnected auto-training remedial course on renewing any language intelligence , in general, and the English language intelligence ,in particular. Language fitness is the main prerogative of all the three books.

 Without a doubt, the globalization of economy and a new technological revolution require that we display a much higher level of language habits and speech skills, the skills that do not only meet our immediate needs of communication in English, but also the skills that generate new business opportunities and help us promote an intelligent network building, using English as the main web-tool. Building solid language intelligence is vital for rationalizing our lives at the present choice-driven and digitally focused   times.

The books are helping to create breakthroughs for developing new language intelligence that, in turn, will help readers build up emotional, professional, cultural, and social intelligences that are at the core of global communication now and that are the main concepts of the book “ “Living Intelligence” that is , coming out next.

Book One- is a remedial course of linguistic apprenticeship.  It’s a theoretical book that is addressed to language learners/speakers who are willing to rationalize and remedy their native or the English language knowledge in the brain. There is an urgent need for language learners to know how language is being processed in the brain to be able to operate it in a much more scientifically-informed way, neuroscience-wise. It also presents a new paradigm of language learning based on the Method of the Right Language Behavior, worked out by Dr. Rimaletta Ray, a doctor of Psycholinguistics.

Book Two is a practical course. It presents the Method of the Right Language Behavior in action, focusing on remedying a reader’s Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary habits. It contains and very well structured chunks of basic brain-focused information, and it presents the practical shot-cuts on how to build up the operative language awareness in English

Book Three is a remedial course, based on the ways that are considerably improving readers’ Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening Skills.  It contains the shot-cuts of the remedial work on the speech skills and the know-how to better choreograph them in face-to- face and digital communication.

Be Language - Fit to Succeed!

About the Author

Dr. Rimaletta Ray is a scholar and a college professor of English and Psycholinguistics who had earned her doctorate in Moscow under the supervision of a famous Russian psycholinguist, an academician, A. A. Leontief, a student and a follower of a world-known psycholinguist, Leo Vigotskiy. Dr. Ray has been broadening the intellectual horizons of her students in the University of Connecticut and the Norwalk Community College in the USA for 19 years. She enjoys a deep respect and appreciation of her students for the most innovative and inspirational methods of language teaching, very informative brain talks, and the amazing results, demonstrated by her students in their knowledge and skills of English, their successful passing of the TOEFL Exam, and an altogether much broader vision of what language intelligence is all about.