Landscape Of A Challenged Life

by Enriqueta Mayuga



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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/26/2014

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 76
ISBN : 9781503523180

About the Book

Landscape of a Challenged Life is the fifth book authored by Dr. Enriqueta c. Mayuga. She started writing at the age of 60. With her fourth book, "Splintered Dreams, Blades of Truth, Shafts of Sunlight," and her fifth book, "Landscape of a Challenge Life" garnering Honorable Mention in the Southwest Festival of Authors competition in 2012. The book defines the author as a woman who left her homeland to find a country and later settles the argument between love of homeland and loyalty to one's country: "In the end- a country is my country when it opens its vistas; a home is my home where I am nurtured and welcomed- and as for me, I chose America.'' She paints her narratives as a Philippine lass' who arrives in an uncertain world where she reflects her medical career and shares a woman's soul painted on a canvas of everyday life. Landscape of a Challenged Life begins with exultation and exhilaration, humiliation and degradation with experiences as a newly arrived immigrant before civil rights was in place. It is both poetry and prose an anthology. It ends up with an epitaph to an authentic life, sublime in its simplicity. It tells the realities of life and accepts them as the realities of her life. It illustrates the sensitivity of a woman who cares and who loves whether she is praised or belittled. It is a word of truth about the reality of life lived to the fullest in the world as it is, not as it should be. The anthology is with sketches and prints Included for visual enhancement to vivify her message and as she mentions, "Our lives are both rain-drenched and sun-drenched and each of us is capable of dipping into the forbidden prisms and tunnels of this cluttered universe."

About the Author

Dr. Enriqueta C. Mayuga was born in the Philippines on Decembe18, 1937. She obtained.her medical degree from the University ofSru1to Tomas. Her residency training led her to Harlem Hospital, Rochester General Hospital and the University of Texas in San Antonio, including her fellowship in the same institution. She is a diplomate in Obstetrics/Gynecology and has been in private medical practice for more than four and a half decades. Dr. Mayuga comes from an illustrious family. Both parents, Dr. Joaquin Cartagena, a pioneering physician, and Rosario Vendivil, a pharmacist and leading educator, were political and public figures. She is the youngest of five siblings. Having lived through the remnants of the second World war, some of the episodes in her book, "Immigrant at Peace- a Woman Physician Reflects "published in 1997, bears her impressions and experiences. As a medical physician in training at the heart of the civil rights struggle, her medical odyssey has spanned a 34 year period, culminating in her private practice in Pasco, Washington. She is first board certified Filipino Ob/Gyn Practitioner in the State of Washington. She is published in eight poetry anthologies in the U.S. She is also the author of five books. The last two books: Splintered Dreams, Blades of Truth, Shafts of Sunlight and Landscape of a Challenged Life have garnered Honorable mention on The Great Southwest Author's Competition in 2012. Dr. Mayuga is an active civic, cultural, and religious leader who works with total dedication and with a sense of mission. She has written essays, critiques and observation on social and political topics., including issues on health care. She has two children, a physician and an educator, and is married to Dr. Simeon Mayuga. They live in Pasco, Washington.