The Powers Within

The Evolution of Peri Delant

by K. Mareet



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/30/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 498
ISBN : 9781524516321
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 498
ISBN : 9781524516314

About the Book

Peri Delant’s life is good—a wonderful home, loving family, interesting friends (both human and dragon), and a sexy husband, who shares her need to occasionally escape the normal routines of daily life. Visiting his brother’s home is always an adventure and fun. Discovering the ancient dragon Sondhill and the elves is exciting. Waking up in a warded Gna’Grattkkan prison with giants for guards and an obnoxious dwarf next door isn’t. For many of the inmates, freedom and home have no meaning, so after getting rescued, they make them one. While the giants and shunned elves embrace New Home, Ned yearns to find his old one and more dwarven for his own hope of a future.

Peri, Vanik, Sara, Jonas, and five dragons help Ned search and provide support for Sondhill when he returns to his previously decimated hold after over three thousand years of absence. While exploring an abandoned hold, they encounter an evil shadow. The ensuing battle to kill it leaves some wounded and all weary. Then by chance, the nearby mountain they take refuge in turns out to be Ned’s old home. Even better, they discover that three of his family survived the massacre fifty years ago, but four are not enough to rebuild his clan, so they continue the search.

The gods grant them success, and soon Sondhill’s not the only one restoring his old clan with eager volunteers. Their choice of mates might be questionable but whatever makes them happy . . . right?

Another discovery to celebrate is Sara’s surprise pregnancy. The one Peri’s not so happy about is the suspicion she’s not going crazy after all and that there really is something hitching a ride in her well of power. Something powerful that hates evil as much as she does. So that’s good . . . isn’t it?

About the Author

K. Mareet has lived in over thirty different locations between more civilised suburbia and outback Australia. Her love of reading pretty much everything and writing poetry, short stories, and long letters have been constant. Her foray into writing novels has become an unequivocal pleasure and an addictive, consuming passion. She also enjoys crafts, art, music, and history, and she is fascinated with the beauty and complexity of the universe. She believes that just because the existence of supernatural beings and magic hasn’t been proven, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

She has a husband who works away and kids who have their own goals to strive for, and chronic insomnia is a bonus that allows her to read and write all hours of the day or night. She writes very fast and types very slowly but has been learning how to train a dragon to obey her every command and pick up the slack. While her family and friends don’t always like or understand the darker or adventurous aspects of what pours from her imagination or her need to constantly scribble, they are always supportive and encouraging and maybe a little amazed at the growing pile of manuscripts. She’s a little amazed herself and a tad daunted as well at the task of transferring them to the computer, but while there are books to read and her own impatient characters demanding to get out of her head, she’ll continue indulging in the passion and pleasure of writing about their struggles and triumphs. Her stories tend to be gritty and dark and not for the easily offended or fainthearted, but whatever the genre, the underlying theme is always about love, striving to overcome adversity, being better and true to yourself, and being better and true to yourself, and being accepted for who you are is worth living and even dying for.