Unexpected Romance on a Greek Island Volume Two

by Murray James



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/23/2015

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 446
ISBN : 9781514441121

About the Book

Some people may think romance is dead. It isn’t; it has just changed, along with the society we inhabit. Though this story would be viewed as a gay romance, that is not my main motivation in writing this book. It is intended to explore relationships in general. All relationships are different and unique. What is it that makes them work or not work? Synergy explores relationships through observations and comments via the many conversations and personal introspections and reflections of the two main characters. The two central characters are an aging, very private, and semi-introverted Australian writer and a handsome young Spanish artist. Their personal histories, environments, family influences, and important life experiences are explored and discussed. What shaped these two people into who they now are? Why does their unlikely relationship seem to work so well? When by all reasonable logic, it most probably shouldn’t. This is the second volume in a trilogy. It continues on from the first published volume, Serendipity, where they meet on the Greek Island of Skopelos and are rapidly drawn together in a surprising and unforeseen set of circumstances. Synergy follows their developing and deepening relationship as they travel extensively. First in Spain, where they marry; then to London, for an exhibition of the artists’ works; Australia; and finally sail from Spain back to their new villa on Skopelos. There is the occasional glitch and questioning concerning their relationship, but it ends quite positively as the two move into and set up their new villa overlooking the magnificent Aegean Sea. The continuation and evolution of their story and relationship in the third volume is alluded to in the last chapter. Each volume is written as a separate and complete story that may be read on their own or in sequence. —Murray James

About the Author

I grew up in Sydney, Australia. My teenage years were similar to everyone else’s during a decade of teenage rebellion, the sixties. Rock ‘n’ roll and folk music somehow provided us with a new freedom of expression. Movie idols like James Dean, Marlon Brando, Elvis, and others were the role models for our changing lives. The surfing craze and culture swept in as powerfully as the waves. The threat of global nuclear war was an ever-present possibility. Yet however much some things changed, others remained the same. Sexual freedom was on a fast track, but discrimination and homophobia were just as present and strong as ever. My three siblings played football and cricket. Neither activity held any appeal for me. I was attracted to individual sports, like swimming and tennis. That I was different from my three brothers seemed evident from a young age. I wasn’t interested in being popular or a member of any sporting or social group. I was happy on my own and free to explore my world and developing imagination, creating different mental worlds and existences. My parents often despaired at my constant daydreaming. Employment was there for the seeking so, like most, I moved through a variety of career choices. Relationships were more free, but no less difficult, during the formative years of my youth. After a lifetime of observing and experiencing their complexity and individual uniqueness, I decided to write a few books about relationships. Unexpected Romance on a Greek Island is the trilogy I have used. They are gay romance novels but hopefully different enough to appeal to a wider readership. If you’d like to read some positive stories about romance and relationships, instead of the angst, pain, and tragedy that permeates most stories these days, they should appeal to you. —Murray James