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''OVER AND OUT!'': The Private War Diary of Captain Samuel Cutler, Army Air Corps, 1942-1944

The Private War Diary of Captain Samuel Cutler, Army Air Corps, 1942-1944
  • Also available as: E-Book, Dust Jacket Hardcover
  • Published: April 2011
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 264
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781456816216
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 Febuary 20, 1942. Latitude - 45 North. Heading east from Boston. Where to, no one really knows. Ireland, Gibraltar, Africa, Australia. All guesses. Destroyers left us at noon. Now we are on our own. No escort at all, and submarines supposed to be around. Guess they’re counting on our speed which is fast (25-30 knots, as compared to 3-7 knots for a sub). Only a lucky hit can sink us...  April 8, 1942. Had talks with young pilots of our squadron. One, age 23, bailed out and crash¬ landed north of here last February. He tells of coming down in unexplored bush area enroute to Darwin. Lost for 52 days trying to reach civilization. He saw no people, only cattle. No food except wild berries and frog caught bare handed.  August 27, 1942. Our squadron now is switching to the P-38 (Lockheed Lightning) airplane. Higher, faster, two motors -- will bring battle to the Japs, instead of running from them. More pilots and newer planes. Have a new commanding General, General George C. Kenney, who wants our squadron to fight hard.  June 14, 1943. Visited scene of the B-17airplane crash at Bakers Creek, 5 miles away, with Major Diller and the Engineering Officer, Lt. Neighbors. We saw where the left wing sheared through the tree tops, lost part of one wing and two of the engines, then burst into flames.  January 19, 1944. Met an old Cavalry friend, Al Geddes. He’s a Major, now. Told me some good news. He was Group Commander of my old 8th AB Group, now in Brisbane. He’s going to be flying to the U.S., next week. Hope he makes it in a C-54, four-motor plane. Happy Landings, Al, old cobber -- “Over and Out!” * * *

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