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On The Road

  • Published: November 2015
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 251
  • ISBN: 9781514421697
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CLARETHA ANDREA HUDSON had mention to her friend, Marcia Pendergrass and her father, Harold H. Hudson, what she would like to do if she was to win the lottery. After she won both lotteries and helped the family through its crisis they insisted on her fulfilling her well-deserved dream. They set out to hire someone for the job. The job consisted of riding her around the United States on a Harley-Davidson for a year. CLAYBOURNE ANDREW STEDWELL lost his prosperous stockbrokers job and his then fiancé kicked him to the curb. He befriended Jay and Old-timer in the men’s shelter where he found working the airport very satisfying. Because he had such a talent for identifying motorcycles, Old-timer encouraged him to apply at the local Harley’s headquarters. After helping the mechanic, he was told about this job opportunity that was available until the owner got back from his extended vacation. With a little pushing and encouragement from Jay and Old-timer, he decided to apply. He got the job of driving MS. Hudson around on the Harley of his choice. The two of them set out to see the USA and a bit of Canada and Mexico. They learnt a lot by reaching out to helping people as they travel through various places. They never found each other until they came back home and went their separate ways.

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