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The Boundless Love of God

A Holy Spirit Story
  • Also available as: Dust Jacket Hardcover, E-Book
  • Published: June 2019
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 142
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781796039672
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The Boundless Love of God: A Holy Spirit Story E. Stan Lennard, M.D., Sc.D. Christianity is evidence based, and this book innovatively shows concordance between Scriptural narratives and applications from the neurosciences that speak to personal interaction between the Holy Spirit and the human spirit and soul through the synaptic networks of the brain. Direct and personal communion with the Holy Spirit is restored when one accepts the New Covenant of the Gospel in repentance. It was given by the grace and boundless love of God for Man through the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This book tells the story of the redemption of fallen mankind by the work and power of the Holy Spirit. It is a common belief in the Church that personal, direct communion from the Holy Spirit to mankind ceased at the closure of the Canon of Scripture. The information presented in this book shows that interaction between the Holy Spirit and the mind of man enabled by the human spirit is bidirectional and continues in our time. Evidence is presented from theological and scientific resources that confirms dualist interaction between the immaterial mind and the physical brain of man. It further substantiates personal, direct interaction between the Holy Spirit and the mind of human beings. The model for study used in this book is the neural synaptic network and incorporates the microsite hypothesis of Nobel laureate Sir John C. Eccles. Dualist interaction proposed by Eccles has been increasingly substantiated by contemporary theologians and investigators in the neurosciences and information theory, building on advances in quantum wave theory. The author addresses the mechanism for dualist interaction involving probabilistic quantum tunneling across synaptic clefts. Specified information with meaning and purpose actualized within neural codes is transmitted within spike trains of action potentials distributed through synaptic networks. The trigger for initiating spike trains is postulated as an immaterial energy source by which the Holy Spirit communicates with the mind of man. Through a lifetime of learning archived in memory, the cognitive mind of humans interprets neural codes enabled by their unique capacity for language. Communication from the Holy Spirit or other human minds as senders to human minds as recipients draws upon current understandings of information theory. Evidence presented in this book provides a compelling rationale for the reality of bidirectional communion with the living, personal Holy Spirit in our time. That Jesus Christ indwells those who accept his truth as a personal, living Spirit is confirmation of the promise in John 14:15–21. Interaction with God by his atoning grace through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit gives receptive mankind hope and counsel today and into eternity to His glory.

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