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Neurology in Our Midst

A Primer to Neuroanatomy and Clinical Neurology
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The author noted, after more than 35 years of teaching, that many medical, nursing and physical therapy students, as well as, generalists, feared or avoided neurology and neurological patients. Neurology in Our Midst is a form of interventional neurology book that addresses this problem. The writing style deviates from the usual medical books. The content simplifies and avoids obfuscation of the language of neurology. It emphasizes understanding of how the central nervous system (CNS) controls our daily activities and if injured or afflicted by diseases, how they manifest. Bedside examinations, to unmask the aberrant functions, are detailed and the abnormalities are explained for the purpose of localization. CNS anatomic structures are dissected into chapters and paired with clinical examples and neuroanatomic correlations. The “Waterloo” of neurology is the understanding and evaluation of unconscious patients, so, the book addressed this difficulty. The cerebrospinal fluid circulation and cerebrovascular neuroanatomy are discussed and correlated with hydrocephalus and stroke. Neuroanatomy and clinical neurology lectures will be more interesting and meaningful if one reads the entire book before attending them.

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