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The Challenge of Behaviour - The REAL Way

A Bespoke Behavioural Approach to Tackling Defiant and Challenging Behaviour in Children Aged 3-12 Years Parent Version
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The REAL Way is a simple and effective tool that contains the key ingredients to help modify challenging behaviour, reassert parental control and re-establish boundaries that may have become blurred over time so that ultimately, parents can enjoy their children and their children’s company once again. If used consistently, then results can be seen in as little as 2-6 weeks. This book primarily focuses on parents. However, the underlying principles of The REAL Way are the same for teachers and professionals working with young people. The REAL Way has been successfully used in schools and homes to tackle even the most challenging of behaviours and has successfully reduced the risk of exclusion from school for many cases. It took about two and a half weeks for us to see an impact...I feel more in control and able to manage his behaviour....I also feel confident in using this strategy with other children. Primary school SENCO regarding a boy that was close to exclusion. The effect was immediate...The adults feel they have been empowered and are back in control...The school seems happier and calmer. Children rarely speak out of turn. They appear kinder and happier. They are desperate to please...Who would have thought that something so simplecould be so effective? Headteacher, Rosemarie B. On implementation of The REAL Way I feel as a parent of a child with Moderate Learning Difficulties and challenging behaviours, I am more equipped to deal with challenging behaviours. I feel calmer in dealing with Eleanor...Out home life suffered greatly before The REAL Way was implemented...Eleanor has become an extremely happy, sociable 10 year old girl who now understands the consequences of her actions. Parent of a 10 year old girl with special needs.

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