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Cold Waters

My Ship Adventures in the Arctic, Antarctica, and North Atlantic
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Persons interested in the cold ends of the earth will be fascinated with this book by Raymond Malley, a semiretired US senior diplomat and industrial executive. As a child, he became enchanted with Baffin Island and the Arctic. Later, he visited them and was so smitten that he then spent years exploring the Arctic, the North Atlantic, and Antarctica on ships—a Russian icebreaker, a German container ship, German and Norwegian cruise ships, and a French luxury cruise yacht, usually accompanied by his wife Josette. This book contains notes and reflections from his travels and adventures. Read about cold and icy waters, violent storms, icebergs, glaciers, mountains and valleys, and abandoned whaling stations. And read also about those who live there—humans, polar bears, walrus, penguins, whales, and others. His writing is crisp, frank, and revealing, and well worth a read.

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