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Homage to our Prince

Dimitri The Face of ADHD
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Vanity of vanities--it is said--but I have to, at times, take a degree of pride in myself. Our son is now a youthful looking 39-year-old, a handsome six-footer with what some call 'classic European features', blended with Afro DNA coursing through his veins; the upshot of the miscegenation of the races, giving him the look of Aphrodite's lover, Adonis, in Greek mythology or Eurydice's lover, Orpheus. His face reverberates with rugged masculinity. His tanned skin contrasts with his dark curly hair. His thick eyebrows show content accentuating his almond shaped brown eyes, but inviting at the same time. His eyelashes are, from childhood, exceptionally long and remain the same for the man he has become. His chiseled nose looks well-centered on his perfectly oval face…

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