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Take It or Leave It

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There are a lot of issues and testimonies I would like to discuss with you all, mainly, things that’s been happening to me. My own personal experiences, situations that are mind blowing and mind boggling or too good to be true—things like bullets, crazy noises, and out of body experiences through the personal inner relationship with thyself. So sit back and relax and get ready to feel ongoing nonstop evolution of Marlin Dujuan. How Marlin became David and what inspired me to write. To poems from knowledge, to biology, back to real-life experiences. Studying out the King James Version to my own (psalms of david). Written by Marlin Dujuan ancient mythologies to a metaphysical understanding of Lucifer and alchemy. The unknown teachings of the soul (hidden) occult sayings, full of wisdom. Wise words are put together and information on the revelation of the inward self. One-on-one testimonies of a powerful force that appointed Marlin to look in himself for a final judgment day (self-awareness). You will enjoy this book; I guarantee it! If you don’t you can take it or leave it. It’s written for you to uplift your soul and get your hatred and fear away from Lucifer and the devil. It’s about self-awareness and self-uplifting, self-improvement, knowledge of self—a personal union with an inner point of view. It’s an enlightenment dialogue. Enjoy the intense butterfly feeling of being yourself by emerging our perceptions at once with joy, wisdom, agreement, and understanding.

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