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This is a true story about a young man having to deal with a war. It takes you on a journey to boot camp training, training in the medical field, sea duty on a destroyer, and nineteen months in the combat zone. This is the transition of a patriotic, naive young boy in a war that nobody cared about because everyone served somewhere in WW2. Tired of war and only want to get on with their lives, they didn’t care, for they were in the big one. I was home after two tours in the combat zone, and would be going back for another. I was on a double date coming back into town when I was stopped by a police officer because there was another car like mine reportedly racing around town. When he saw my drivers license had a attachment to it stating it was good for the duration of the war. This was given to me on my first leave when I went to renew it. He called it in and returned to me and let me go. A short time later he stopped me again and said he had to give me a ticket for a expired license because there was no war. Therefore, what he had been in is known as the forgotten war. There were no victory parades, no welcome home, only feelings of shame and being made foolish. Korean War Veterans never talk about the war. After my discharge and back home, I took off my uniform and went for a walk in town and saw someone I knew sitting on a bench, he said Hi, haven't seen you in awhile where have you been..... I answered ,"around '. Korean War veterans never talk about the war.

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