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Spiritual Vengeance

Book Three in the Moral Vampire Series
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Vampires learn from Serella Stone, a witch from the 13th century, that energy in any form can only be restructured, but never destroyed. That becomes the basis for how it´s possible that Audra Trivette and Gaetano Minotti are still very much in existence and out for revenge. Audra seeks to destroy Christian by taking his one love through a debilitating disease, while Gaetano seeks his revenge on Jesse Nestarius, the angel who fought him for Serella centuries ago. Only Serella seems to have the key to unite both sides in the ultimate battle between good and evil, but this time the battle grounds are on both sides of the line between heaven and earth. Spiritual Vengeance is Rosemarie´s finest triumph in depicting how closely related both sides of existence can actually be, and what it might take to effect the desired results in both.

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