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A Closer Look at Islam

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Religious leaders and reformers have always had a hard time in their day. They have been ridiculed and rejected and many of those who supposedly accepted them have been either weak in spirit or manifest enemies in disguise. Subsequent generations of the faithful have clashed in their understanding of the master’s teachings, spawning the rise of different interpretations. Moses and Jesus were troubled not only by their enemies but also by weak people among the faithful. Islam was not destined to fare much better. Historical accuracy was sacrificed to meet the needs of a divided community. And in due course, Islam’s sacred scripture, essentially a compilation of revelations to Muhammad, was hijacked by literalists, who distorted its message.

A Closer Look at Islam attempts to show that the arguments of some critics are based largely on misinformation and that Islam would be better understood by a more serious study of its scripture and the lives of some of its role models. It also discusses poorly based conjectures that Muhammad was more myth than fact and the arguments of prominent atheists about the existence of a Supreme Creator.

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