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Fabian Libertarianism

100 Years to Freedom
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The goal of this book is to persuade the reader that there is something very wrong in the political world. The cause of the political malfunction is what we shall call Leviathan. Learn why so many societal problems are intractable. For example, how is it that Thomas Edison’s great invention, the incandescent lightbulb, is outlawed in America? How is that veterans beloved of Americans are denied treatment by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) unto death? How is it that bad teachers are kept on indefinitely by a school system at full pay in isolated temporary reassignment centers (“rubber rooms” in New York City)? The heretofore undiscovered answer is: superorganisms having ultimate power over us. Superorganisms exist. They consist of individual human beings. Superorganisms have lives separate from the individual human beings of which they are composed. Superorganisms are epiphenomena of human social groups. Examples of superorganisms include government bureaucracies like the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, unions like the National Education Association, and corporations like General Electric. In this book, the name Leviathan is given to these superorganisms. Leviathan, as we will see, is a deadly enemy. We have a plan to defeat Leviathan, but because Leviathan is virtually immortal, in control of government education, itself a sociopath, and served, in part, by sociopaths, our road is long and difficult. We anticipate a one-hundred-years struggle. There is hope. Read this book to learn the plan. Join our fight. Help restore American freedom for our children and grandchildren.

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