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Codi and Tamaka: the Lost Seal

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Codi is ten years old when she runs away to hide on her father’s fishing boat, Angel-Blue. Her family has been having money problems. Her dad is a fisherman, but he’s had bad luck this year. He can’t seem to find any fish, which makes him argue with Codi’s mother. They might even have to vacate their happy island home and move into the city. Fearful at the thought of leaving, Codi heads to Angel-Blue and hides. The next morning, her father sets out on another hopeless day of fishing not knowing his little girl is on board. When he realizes, he’s not happy, but they’re too far out to turn back now. Soon, Codi notices something swimming in the sea: a little seal named Tamaka. Codi explains her family’s dire situation to her new friend Tamaka, and the young seal has a solution: she can smell fish a mile away, and she will help Codi’s father catch the salmon he needs to survive. Together, they follow Tamaka’s nose and find a miraculous feast—but will it be enough to save Codi’s father’s fishing business?

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