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Becoming the blessing God intended for my family

The Christ-Centered Family
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More than ever before in the history of man, the divine concept of family in today’s world has been so misunderstood and abused. From these misunderstandings and abuse, are the numerous problems we witness in homes today (divorce, separation, violence, unforgiveness, hate, same sex marriage, lust, secret kids, dislike/outright rejection of marriage by younger generation, etc.). With time, these problems are multiplied and directly infused into our society, turning our society into a chaotic arena. This book brings to light, years of divine revelation on marriage and family. Furthermore, personal experiences that the authors have learned from, are used to expose more on the plan of God for family. The book will dig deep into the divine role each member of the family has to play, to create and experience ‘the Christ centered family’ that God intended for every marriage and family.

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